Colours, Materials & Sizes

The rugs are hand tufted by a well reputed Indian family company and of very high quality. The material used is exclusively New Zealand wool, sometimes with Bamboo silk mixed in. Some of the rugs are in 100% Bamboo Silk. The Bamboo silk give the rugs a very special shine and softness.

The lines are either embroidered or tufted. Many rugs are sculptured, which gives a special look and feel. The rugs are equally well fitted in private as well as public settings due to their durability and sound absorbing qualities.

We have selected some combinations of model, colour , material and sizes. You will find them in the selected combinations in our catalouges. We have a few in stock, but most are made to order. All orders are shipped worldwide directly to your door.

You can create your own colour combination. There are many base and line colours to choose from when combining your own unique rug. If you are uncertain about colours and materials we are pleased to assist you with advice.

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Care instructions

We recommend vacuum cleaning your rug at least once a week so as to prevent dust and dirt from setting. Please do this often in the beginning. The superfluous fibres will disappear after some time. If you get spots on the rug, take them away immediately with some water and wipe dry with a cle- an cloth. If your rug need more thorough cleaning, then we recommend you use a special cleaning place for rugs that uses foam, not a dry cleaner.

Bambusilk rugs if get stained do not rub just be very dab carefull with a damp cloths , best if you let a proffesional rug cleaner do the job.

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