Public setting

The sound absorbing effects of the rugs make them suitable for public settings. They are of high quality regarding work and material. We can easily adapt colours and sizes on our existing designs as our rugs are manufactured to order. Our manufacturer will colour the wool and bamboo silk according to your specifications. We are happy to help you design your public space! Contact us for more information and dialogue.

Ingird Külper is the proud winner of silver 2017 in the Product Design Award with the carpets Jigsaw Puzzle Rugs.

2018 ingrid Külper is also  Silver winner  in the A´design Award with the Area Rug Edge and for the Morpheus  Rug tile.

 and for the Morpheus rug tile

Read more about the award.


Soundabsorbers help you create an inspiring, playful and soundergonomic workingspace

BeVoid is the name of the soundabsorbers invented and designed by Ingird Külper. They are mostly handmade with special technices and materials which lower the sound. We recommend you to combine the soundabsorbtion systems with Mattharis carpets for a really good sound enviroment.


BeVoiD is a design line created by Ingrid Külper Design. Please contact us here.